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Organic & Sustainable

All our teas are 100% organic, and we focus on being as carbon neutral as possible. For every 550 SEK we get we plant one tree to compensate for our downfalls in the mission of being as good as we should!


We love tasty flavours as much as healthy options. All our tea blends are made with healthy ingredients, full of vitamins and minerals.

Cold & Warm Brew

Tea can be enjoyed both cold & warm. All out teas are made to taste amazing however you choose to brew them! We recommend to drink our teas cold brewed with a meal or of course enjoy them warm in your favorit mug.


I usually have milk in all my tea I drink, but with my Friday tea I don't! I just want to taste all the flavours! #IAMFRIDAY


I love your way of giving a different perspective on tea, and the opportunity it gives me to reflects on the feeling for the day!