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Let's keep it healthy and natural, filling you with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals throughout your day.


Our weekday teas are the most delicious and refreshing summer drinks! We believe you can have as much fun with tea drinks instead. To get inspired visit our weekly journal for some great recipes!


We believe that everyone have a responsibility to keep our planet healthy and happy. We only have organic teas for you and our planets health.

You might be wondering

Why We B Tea? 

Our tea are uniquely blended with the finest organic ingredients to maximise flavour without the requirement of sweetener. Our teas are loaded with ingredients that are full of healthy nutrient and we pride ourselves on highest quality cold brew tea blends.

And about the days.. Well isn't that just fun?!

Monthly Weekday Box

kr445.00 SEK

Monday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Tuesday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Wednesday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Thursday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Friday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Saturday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Sunday tea

kr310.00 SEK

Refill Monday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Tuesday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Wednesday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Thursday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Friday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Saturday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Refill Sunday tea

kr190.00 SEK

Fillable tea bags

kr30.00 SEK


I usually have milk in all my tea I drink, but with my Friday tea I don't! I just want to taste all the flavours! #IAMFRIDAY


I love your way of giving a different perspective on tea, and the opportunity it gives me to reflects on the feeling for the day!