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About us | Sustainability

For us at We B Tea, sustainability is a top priority. It is at the core of everything we do. We always strive to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and we’re obsessed with keeping a low environmental footprint.


All teas sold by We B Tea have an SE-EKO-04 certificate. Among other things, this means that the plantation from where the tea originates has not used any pesticides within the last five years. Moreover, as we do not buy our tea in bulk, we are able to keep waste to a minimum.

Glass jars

The tea jars are made from recycled glass and produced in the UK.

Refill bags

The bags are made from vegetable starch, a 100 percent biodegradable material.

Packaging materials

All orders from We B Tea are packed in fully recyclable material. In fact, most of the packaging itself is made from recycled material.


If you have any questions, comments or thoughts regarding our sustainability efforts, please let us know at hello@webtea.co.

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