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At the dinner table with | Emma & Johan

The birds were singing and the evening sun was shining in through the windows when we sat down at the dinner table with the humble foodie-couple Emma and Johan.

The subject was given, we invited them over to talk about food, a subject that this couple know a lot about. Johan as a chef by trade in one of the most renowned restaurant in Stockholm and Emma with a past in the same industry but are now running the Swedish company Wesomnia along side her mother while studying economics. Together they create the perfect team in the kitchen. 

Emma - "I'm often the one who have thousand ideas and thoughts. I love creating different concepts and working creatively. Johan is incredibly good at bringing my ideas to life and really have an eye for details, which might not be my strong side."

So how does a special dinner look like for you? 

Emma -  It is all about the company, it sounds a bit cliché, but when I have the right people around me, basically any dinner can feel like something special.

If you look at what food makes a dinner special, I think that the craft is the important thing. It does not have to be exclusive and lavish, I rather start with food that is prepared with care and creativity. I have many times experienced that it is the unexpected and "simple" that have impressed me the most. The purpose can be as simple as wanting to create a food idea that you are craving.

Johan - I mostly agree with Emma. But I also think that a dinner can feel extra wonderful by actually indulging in ingredients or restaurant visits that feel exclusive. The oysters would not have been oysters if we ate them every day. For me, a special dinner can be just for the moments you want to treat yourself to something extra.

What kind of relationship do you have with tea?

Johan - My mother has always drunk large amounts of tea and for a long time Lipton lemon tea was my strongest tea reference. With my profession, I have now created a broader image of tea as a drink and I think it is an exciting alternative to other more established meal drinks.

Emma - I have always been a big tea lover and tea drinking is something I brought with me from home. Throughout my childhood, my mother used to brew a large pot of tea after dinner, something I continued to do into adulthood.

Now when you have tried cold brew tea and food pairing, tell us what  was your experience?

It has been a fun experience and a challenge to work with tea as a drink to pair with meals. We have both opened our eyes to a new way of drinking tea. It feels silly to compare tea with wine or beer in that tea is tea. We both feel that it is a good enough, if not, a more fun alternative to a dinner. The tea offers such an incredibly large variety of flavours without taking over the flavours of the food.


5 quick questions

  • Sparkling or Tap -

Emma - Sparkling // Johan - Tap

  • Starter or Dessert -

Emma & Johan - Starter

  • Breakfast or Dinner -

Emma & Johan - Dinner

  • Restaurant or Home

Emma - Restaurant // Johan - Home

  • Book or TV?

Emma - both // Johan -TV


We asked Emma and Johan to create some recipes to pair with our teas.

Here is their Meny:

Caviar Croustades


Deep-fried rice paper chips with caviar cream


Baked spring onion on a barley sallad


Salmon with miso-broth and a broccoli sallad



At The Dinner Table