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How To Brew Green Tea

Green tea is one of the teas that need some extra care when brewing, for example, lower water temperature and shorter brewing time. It does not go through an oxidation process as black tea does and therefore we need a gentler brewing method.
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Green tea leaves

The 3 Essentials - when warm brewing green tea

Water temperature 

Different green teas can require different water temperature, but generally speaking, a green tea shall be brewed in a water temperature between 60-80 c°. 

If you brew your green tea too hot, you will find your tea tasting bitter. 

If you brew your tea in cool water, your tea will not have time to develop the full flavours but you can leave the tea leaves in the water for a longer time to let the tea develop its taste. You can read more about cold brew tea here. 

Amount of tea leaves to water

Green tea leaves require approximately 2 - 3g of tea per 300ml of water. Which is about 1-3 teaspoons of tea. This can vary a bit due to how much other ingredients your tea blend is filled with. Here you can choose if you want a weaker or stronger cup of tea. 

The Brewing Time

Most green teas only need between 2-3 minutes of brewing time. This depends on the quality and size of the tea leaves. You will find that a teabag filled with very small dust looking tea leaves will go much quicker to brew than fully rolled tea leaves. If you brew your green tea too long, you will find that the tea will have a bitter taste. 

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