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How to rebrew your tea leaves

We often talk about brewing tea multiple times but it is not always easy to know how to do it. Down below we have collected our main tips on how you can master your multiple brewing. 

To brew the same tea leaves a few times shows respect for tea production, nature and your own economy. You will notice that each brew will have a different taste. Some teas work better to brew multiple times than others. 

Wet tea leaves

4 tips when brewing your tea multiple times

1. Use quality loose leave tea

When you use loose leaf tea, the extraction of flavour goes slower into the water due to the less exposed surface area. Tea leaves will therefore keep the flavours for a longer time than for example the finely cut tea that is found in teabags. 

Rebrewing tea blended with flowers, herbs etc. can give away a very different taste due to the fact that flowers and herbs do extract their flavours much quicker than tea leaves do. The second brew would give away flavours more from the tea leaves than the added ingredients in your blend. The herbal blends usually work to rebrew two times warm, and a third time cold. 

2. Brew your tea the recommended time

The multiple brews work best when you keep to the recommended brewing time. Don't let your tea leaves lay in water too long during the first brew. If you do so it could extract too much of the flavours into your first brew and not leave much flavour for your second. 

3. Cold Brew your tea 

We are all about cold brewing our teas, and we always do our last brew as a cold brew. The tea leaves will then have the whole night, or day, to extract flavours in slow motion and you will end up with a soft and clean brew with beautiful flavours. 

4. Reuse your tea leaves within the day

When talking about rebrewing your tea multiple times, the intentions are to use the already brewed tea within a day. You can either store your tea leaves in room temperature or fridge until next time that day. If you are not planning on drinking the same tea again that same day we do recommend to place your tea in cold water in the fridge and make cold brew tea out of it!

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