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Inspiring alcohol free summer drinks

The excitement for midsummer is getting real around Sweden. It's the day we celebrate the summer, warmth, and happiness!

It's a known fact that midsummer is the holiday we Swedes drink buckets of alcohol. However, not all enjoy celebrating midsummer with alcohol. So here is a midsummer edition on how to make your alcohol-free drinks look amazing!  


Different alcohol free drinks to serve

Personally, we find ourselves longing for an alcohol free drink to enjoy at any party. To use tea as a base for your alcohol free drinks are not only tasty but they are healthy too! 

Keep it simple. The flavours of the tea are already so balanced and interesting so all you need to do is.

Lime, Lemon, Rhubarb, Strawberries. 

Tuesday Twist
Cold Brew our Tuesday Tea. When serving the tea drink add lime and lemon to give a fresh lovely colour and taste to the tea. Especially with Tuesday & Thursday tea a squeeze of lime or lemon suits well. The hibiscus reacts with the acid and gives the tea a beautiful pink colour.

Cold brew any of the tea in our tea collection and add rhubarb for decoration. I love when there is something in the glass beside liquids, so if you carefully peel the rhubarb and slide it into your tea it will curl up when touching the liquid. 

Use any of our teas to cold brew. Cut the strawberries thinly and add them into the tea for about 1 hour before serving. The strawberries will infuse the tea with its flavours and it looks super pretty!

If you are into mango we have the perfect alcohol free drink for you. Find it here.

We B Tea recommends: if you are interested in exploring cold brew tea we recommed the Monthly Weekday Box. In this box you get 7 different teas that are perfect for brewing cold.

Want to know more about how to cold brew tea? Find our big cold brewing guide here.


Simple and easy! 

Happy summer to you all, 



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