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Cold Brew Tea inspiration

 With summer approaching shortly, we are highlighting our cold brew tea drinks! 
Our summer tea drinks are an alcohol-free drink full of health benefits. We believe in treating yourself as well as your body with goodness!

Drinks of cold brewed tea

We start with cold brewing our tea, we recommend to cold brew a big jug of the tea overnight so you have tea for the whole day to come. 

  • We usually take 2-4 tbsp of tea leaves for every litre of cold water.
  • Brewing time can be between 2-16 hours.
  • You can use any tea you want as long as it is organic.

The beauty of cold brewing tea instead for brewing the tea in hot water and letting it cool down is that the cold brew tea doesn't get the bitterness you usually find when you brew tea hot. When you brew your tea in cold water the tea leaves infuse their flavours much slower and the tea leaves will not release as much of the bitter notes as in hot water. 

Ideas to make your cold brew teas that little bit fancier

A drink

The Friday zesty lime mojito

A simple yet super refreshing drink to enjoy after a long work week. This is made from our Friday tea which has a strong zesty, minty flavour to it already. We added slices of lime and mint mojito style. Make sure to crush the mint up a bit to let it release the aroma into the tea. You can even add a dash of tonic water to give it a bit of fizzy.

A drink

The Monday cucumber and thyme - refreshing drink!

Cucumber gives a really refreshing taste to the tea although it's quite strong in flavour and can easily take over the tea taste. We recommend adding the cucumber at the end, you will find what works best for you. 

Here we have cold brewed our Monday tea added cucumber and thyme, before you add thyme you can gently massage the thyme to bring out the oils for a more fragrant flavour.  

A drink

The Wednesday orange, thyme and ginger

Our Wednesday rooibos tea is a robustly flavoured rooibos with a true taste of orange, cranberries and ginger. Add a squeeze of orange juice and peel, grate some fresh ginger into the drink and finish of with a nice lite thyme. 


If you want to serve cold brew tea to your friends and family read The drink everyone can enjoy!


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