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About Cold Brew Tea

by Beatrice Garvey |

When people say cold brew, most of us think about cold brew coffee, but it works as perfectly with tea as well (if not even better).

It is such a great way of getting your self to drink more healthy tea and recharge your body with all the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients tea have to offer. Let's not forget that it keeps us hydrated too!

First time I tried cold brew tea I found my self tasting it as if I was sipping a beautiful white wine that was perfectly chilled. I found the flavours in the tea becoming crisper and more defined. Drinking cold tea gives you as much freshness as it gives you the humble warmth when you drink it warm. 


Cold brew tea is not only very delicious, but it also brings some pros with it. When cold brewing tea, there will be a smaller amount of caffeine released compared to the warm brewed tea. There is also a difference in the release of antioxidants, which is interesting.

There is a lower release of antioxidants in cold brew tea if you let it brew for less than 8 hours. After these hours the release of antioxidants gets greater than when brewing your tea warm. Interesting, isn't it?

Also, cold brew tea is much more forgiving. We all have had the bitter green tea that turns a lot of people off from drinking it forever. This is because we either steep it in too hot water or too long. This makes the tea leaves release more tannin, which gives the bitter notes in the tea. You can read more about how to stop the bitterness in green tea here.

Happy cold brewing!