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How To Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brewing Tea

Cold brewing tea is easy, all you need is organic tea, a canister, cold water and a fridge! 

There is no real method of cold brewing tea right or wrong, as long as the tea leaves are brewing in cold water in a cold place for at least 2 hours you have succeeded. 

In this guide, we show you our preferred method of cold brewing, it includes two canisters, a strainer, cold water and tea. 

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Step 1 - Add tea to cold water

Fill your canister with cold water (the cooler the water, crisper the flavours). 
Add your tea into the water.
Approximately 1-2 tbsp of tea leaves to 1 litre cold water. 

We prefer letting the tea leaves to float around loosely in the cold water, this while allowing the tea leaves to fold out fully and enhance the flavours. If you want you can add your tea leaves into a fillable teabag and pop the teabag into the water instead.

Step 2 - Into the fridge

Put a lid on the canister and place it straight into the fridge.
Let the tea brew between 2-14 hours in the fridge.

Step 3 - Strain the tea 

Bring your second canister and your strainer and start straining of the tea leaves. 

You cold brew tea is now done, if you would have used a teabag you would just have picked your tea bag up from the canister and it would have been ready! 

Step 4 - Rebrew your tea leaves

Rebrew the tea leaves up to 4 times. The second time often gets the smoothest and loveliest in flavour. There is so much flavour still left in your tea leaves after the first time weather you warm brewed them or not. If you have a warm morning cup of tea add cold water to the tea leaves and put it into the fridge, you will then have a perfectly cold brewed tea in the afternoon. 
Read more about Rebrewing you tea leaves.

 Quick questions

Why do we let the tea brew for so long?

The brewing process simply goes in slow-motion due to the cold water. This allows the tea to slowly extract the flavours into the water. The flavours become crisper and have the clarity to it. If you take out the tea after 2 hours you will still taste the flavours from the tea but it will not have the crispness and depth which it gets after 8 hours. If you let it brew longer you will also allow more antioxidants, minerals and vitamins into the water. 

Does the tea get bitter if it brews too long?

The bitterness in tea comes from tannins, cold brewing tea leaves draws fewer tannins into the tea compared to warm brewing. If your cold brew tea ends up being bitter you have most likely added too much tea to the amount of water, you can fix this by adding more cold water. 

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