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How to Cold Brew tea

by Beatrice Garvey |

For the last five months I've been talking to everyone about trying cold brew tea, but what I've noticed is that everyone thinks is a big effort to make cold brew tea. But it's not and it's so delicious! 

So please, let's do 2019 to the summer of cold brew tea!

Below you will find how to brew your tea in cold water. 


Step 1 
Either you go for a refill teabag or you do it straight into a bottle. Add the right amount of tea leaves as the package tells you. Usually 1-2 tsp per 250-300 ml of cold water.  Here you can reuse the tea leaves you used earlier on from a hot brew. 

Step 2
Add your water into the bottle with your tea. 


Step 3
Place your bottle in the fridge between 4-10 hours. However, sometimes I only let it brew for 30 min and start drinking it and then keep filling the bottle with water. 

Easy as pie, also remember to reuse your tea leaves I can't point this out too many times, they will hold 3 times over within a day.

You can keep the cold brew tea in the fridge up to a week, perfect as a drink to always have to give your friends when they come over for a visit. 

Happy drinking!