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Low carb, no sugar and all natural!

by Beatrice Garvey |

Whether you want to lower your alcohol intake, find an alternative for a soft drink, or just have a more interesting way of keeping yourself hydrated and healthy, the cold brew tea is the perfect drink for you! 

Tea leaves are already full of antioxidants and minerals and added natural ingredients like herbs, berries, flowers, but fruit can give your tea a new level of boosting effects. And let's not forget about flavours! 


Did you know that tea leaves can get reused up to 4 times? This means that 100g of tea leaves can turn in to 60 liters of tea. That, my friend, will keep you hydrated for a long time! 

What I love about cold brewing tea are the options of making it to an everyday drink, almost like water, but also create this oh so lovely party drink! 

Did you know that kids also can drink tea? 

Kids should not consume too much caffeine and therefore its recommended not to give them black tea, but a glass of green and white tea is fine. And you know what, they love it!

Rooibos tea is another excellent drink for the kids. It doesn't contain any caffeine and it tastes heavenly as a cold brew. 

Try your hand as cold brewing tea next time you are planning a party or just need a refreshing drink for an evening at home.