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Midsummer edition

by Beatrice Garvey |

Hello there my darling tea drinkers, 

The excitement for midsummer is getting real around Sweden which is understandable, it's the day we celebrate the summer, warmth and happiness!

It's a known fact that midsummer is the holiday we Swedes drink buckets of alcohol, however, I do enjoy celebrating midsummer but without alcohol and I do believe there are more people like me out there!

Therefore I spent hours of testing different virgin cocktail mixes with all our teas and I found what works absolutely best with them!

It's charming having different alcohol free drinks to serve, I personally would get so impressed to be able to choose between a few different virgin cocktail drinks that also are healthy for you! 

To be honest I love our teas so much and every time I tried making something to fancy it up with fruit purees, syrups etc. I found the flavours getting flat and unbalanced (it could be my lack of bartending knowledge).

But here is my top pick:

Keep it simple with our teas, the flavours are already so balanced and interesting so all you need to do is.

Lime, Lemon, Rhubarb, Strawberries. 

Lime and lemon give a fresh lovely hint to the teas and especially with Tuesday & Thursday teas I would squeeze a bit of lime in. The hibiscus reacts with the acid and turns the tea into a beautiful pink colour.

The Rhubarb is mostly for decoration. I love when it's happening something in the glass, so if you carefully peel the rhubarb and slide it into your tea it will curl up when touching the liquid. 

Strawberries, cut the strawberries thinly and ad them into the tea for about 1 hour before serving, the strawberries will infuse the tea with its flavours and it looks super pretty!


Simple and easy! 

Happy summer to you all,