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What is Matcha?

Matcha is a ceremonial japanise tea, made from the youngest most delicate tea leaves protected from direct sunlight the last few weeks before picking, this to keep as high amount of chlorophyll in the leaves as possible. Gently de-stemmed, steamed, dried and then grounded into a very fine powder. Matcha is famous for its health benefits and ceremonial drinking rituals and versatile use.  


Is Matcha Healthy?

There are many benefits to drinking matcha, besides the taste and the moment of making it into a self care ritual. You can read down below.


Top 3 Benefits of Matcha Tea

1. High sours of antioxidants 

All teas are a great source of antioxidants but matcha contains about hundred times more antioxidants than a regular cup of tea. 

This is because we drink the tea leaves, and are not only letting the leaves extract the goodness into the water as we do with the regular tea. 
It is known for its effects of lowering bad cholesterol and decreasing the risk of stroke and coronary diseases.

2. Matcha better energy source than coffee

Coffee is known for its high amount of caffeine, but we also know that a lot of us get a jittery feeling straight after we drank our coffee and then fall flat of energy a few hours later.
Matcha contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but matcha also contains a high amount of the substance called L-theanine which is a type of amino acid. L-theanine makes sure to keep a steady release of caffeine in our body which means that the caffeine will be realised for a much longer time, up to 6-12 hours without feeling the highs and lows of caffeine.

How to cold brew your tea

3. Improve your metabolism function

Studies have been made showing an improvement in metabolism function when drinking matcha.
The study shows that the group that was drinking matcha beyond their healthy diet and exercise was more likely to lose weight than the group that didn't drink matcha, but still ate healthily and exercised. 

    Things to remember about matcha

    Matcha comes in a lot of different qualities and the price may vary a lot. To be sure you get the best taste and all the good health benefits make sure to buy 100% organic and ceremonial classed matcha tea. 

    Keep a limit of 1-2 cups of matcha a day.
    Due to that we actually consume the tea leaves in a powdered form we need to remember that there are possibilities of heavy metals and overconsumption of the goodness. Remember to drink good quality matcha tea 

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    How to Brew and Drink Matcha

    Matcha can be enjoyed both warm and cold or even in smoothies, food exec. 
    We love drinking our matcha cold brewed throughout the day or as an option to alcohol with dinner. 

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