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The drink everyone can enjoy

A healthy, refreshing and delicious drink.
The drink everyone can enjoy at the summer party!

Nowadays we all have different dietary requests and it can easily become a bit overwhelming when we throw together a summer party.

For the people who can't or won't drink alcohol it can often be a bit of a let down when the only option is sparkling water and soft drinks. 

Cold brew tea is a sophisticated, healthy option everyone can enjoy!

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Brew a few different types of tea

We recommend brewing a few different types of tea the night before your party starts. This is to give your guests a fun experience of tea tasting but also to cover yourself so you have enough tea, since cold brew tea is nothing you can through together in a heartbeat if you run out. See here how you make cold brew tea. 

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Can you drink cold brew tea when pregnant?

Yes, the Swedish National Food Agency recommends that pregnant women limit their daily caffeine intake to a maximum of 200 milligrams of caffeine a day, which is about two to three cups of coffee. When it comes to cold brewed tea, it has been shown that less caffeine is released into the water when cold brewing. Additionally, if you rebrew the already brewed tea leaves, the majority of the caffein will be gone by the second brew. So, you can simply enjoy more cold brew tea while pregnant. But keep it to a limit though!

Did you know that kids also can drink tea? 

Kids should not consume too much caffeine and therefore its recommended not to give them black tea, but a glass of green and white tea is fine. And you know what, they love it!

Rooibos tea is another excellent drink for the kids. It doesn't contain any caffeine and it tastes heavenly as a cold brew. 

It is the perfect option instead of juice or soft drinks, you can also add fruit and berries to make it look extra fun to drink! 

Child with tea

Can I make drinks out of cold brew tea?

You can make beautiful mocktails out of cold brew tea. Different tea blends will give you a variety of different flavours. Play around with adding juice, crushed fruit and berries, or why not adding a bit of kombucha or tonic water into your cold brew tea. 

Did you know that tea leaves can get reused up to 4 times? This means that 100g of tea leaves can turn in to 60 litres of tea. That, my friend, will keep you hydrated for a long time! Find out how to rebrew your tea leaves here. 

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