How To | Cold Brew Matcha

The instant cold brew 

Matcha is the perfect tea to cold brew. It is quick due to the powdered form.
The flavours when cold brewing matcha becomes sweeter, crisper, and kinder to your palate, a true umami bomb with a hint of kombu.

Cold Brew Matcha works as well on the dining table paired with a lovely meal as it does next to your computer while working. If you haven't read about matcha and its health benefits we recommend you to click here to read more about it. 

Step 1 - Make a matcha concentrate

The method of brewing cold or warm is quite similar except we use cold water when we make cold brew matcha. This means that the matcha powder never touches any heated water. 

Firstly we make a matcha concentrate in a bowl. The concentrate can be between 2-3 teaspoons of matcha powder that you pass through a strainer to get rid of any lumps that built up in the jar. Simply use a spoon to work it through the strainer into the bowl. 

Step 2 - Add cold water

Add a little bit of water, around about 50ml into the bowl where your matcha powder is.

Step 3 - Whisk 

Now, use your bamboo whisk to whisk together the water with the powder, make sure that you get rid of any possible lumps. Whisk hard and fast.

Step 4 - Add Concentrate 

When your matcha concentrate is done, it should be a dark green liquid, you pour it into a jar with cold water. If you are having dinner guest and are serving cold brew matcha as a drink option, we recommend doing this step at the table so everyone can enjoy the beautiful movement in the water. 

Step 5 - Stir

Make sure to stir it together at the end and it is ready to drink. Store it in the fridge with a lid for a couple of days. 

Cold Brew Dinner drink Kallbryggt Måltidsdryck Matcha

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