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Tea to use for Kombucha

Tea for kombucha

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. To make kombucha you need tea, sugar and a starting liquid based on a culture and yeast, also known as a Scoby. 

 Tea for kombucha

Which tea can I use for my kombucha?

Can I make kombucha out of green tea? Or can I use tea with aromas to make my kombucha?

There are a lot of questions regarding the making and a lot of people have different takes on how the correct way of doing kombucha goes.  

Some people use all kinds of tea as long as it is organic, while some only use pure organic black tea without any aromas added to them. 

It is said that the culture, also known as Scoby, needs a heavily oxidised tea to develop the healthy bacteria and therefore some people only recommend to use pure black tea which is the type of tea that goes through a full oxidation process. 

You will still get a very nice kombucha if you use green or white tea which comes from the same tea plant but is processed differently with no oxidation. 


Kombucha with flavoured tea

Traditionally kombucha was brewed on pure tea without aromas and it is said that the health benefits from the culture can die from the added aroma in tea.

If you would use tea with added aromas for your kombucha you will still end up with a fermented tea that tastes very nice depending on which recipe you follow. 

Same goes with green and white tea. If you use green or white tea without aroma you will get a "healthier" kombucha but if you choose to ferment your tea with different tea blends the flavours in your kombucha can vary a lot. 

Tea leaves

Can I use We B Tea for my kombucha?

Yes, we have teas suitable for kombucha. We would recommend starting with our English Breakfast tea which is an organic blend of pure black tea without any added aroma, this tea will keep your Scoby culture healthy and happy at the same time as providing you with a delicious kombucha. We recommend you to keep a healthy culture that is only brewed on black tea without aromas such as our Englis breakfast, but for fun going away from the traditional methods to experiment with different teas, for example, Herby Grey , Jasmine - Rose or why not any of our weekday teas

Kombucha in a glass
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