Tea is the new alternative to wine – pairing tea with food

Bringing tea to the dining tables will be the new normal. When we move away from alcohol and soft drinks there is not much else to choose from than water.

Tea brings interest and can elevate your dining experience to a new level. To consume tea together with food is nothing unusual, in fact, that is very common to have a warm cup of tea together with your food, especially in China and Japan, but when we talk about cold brewing tea it is a rather new way of seeing tea and food pairing together.

Cold Brew Tea - Is The New Wine

"When we change the way we brew tea, we change the way we see it" 

Letting the tea leaves extract their flavours into cold water gives a sophisticated and clean flavour palette. The flavours are not big and robust as we can find in wine, they are very gentle and "calm" but yet complex. 

When you find a match between food and tea you will notice how the flavours get together to elevate the whole experiences, just like with wine. 

Pure Tea and Blended Tea

There is a variation between pure tea and teas that have been blended with other ingredients, they all have their rightful place and will speak to different people just like it is with wine.

It is often the first step to start cold brewing tea blends with flowers, herbs or fruits. However, with time our taste buds develop and you might find an interest to explore the flavours in pure teas. There is another complexity in pure teas and its flavours and a whole new world opens. 

There is no right or wrong tea to drink as long as you are enjoying the tea you are drinking. 

3 tips on how to think when pairing tea with food

1. Find matching ingredients

To start pairing your cold brew tea blends with food can be as simple as to look at what the tea is blended with. For example, we can take a look at our Tuesday tea, a green tea with coriander seed, coconut and basil. This tea works perfectly to pair with Asian cuisine food because the ingredients in the tea blend are often used in the food of this cuisine. 

2. What type of food

Just as we know that red wine works often better with heavier foods and white wine pairs well with lighter meals, we can take the same way of thinking in the tea world. Heavy food needs oxidised black tea while a lighter meal works very well with green or white tea. 

3. Get to know your tea

Drink your teas cold-brewed without food and get to know them well, when you know how the tea tastes both warm and cold you will get another understanding of how they will work with food. Have fun and experiment. 

Pairing pure tea with food

Now, this becomes more complex and much like wine pairing. This is something we will dive right into later on in this blog series. 

 Read our quick guide on how to pair our weekday teas with food.


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