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Feeling that throat of yours beeing a bit itchy? The sneezing never ends, and if you coughed one more time, the feeling of your ribs snapping in half would become real. 

The flu season is here and all we can do is to wish we are not the next target. 

Here at the We B Tea HQ we are loading up with the boosting Monday tea, both warm and cold, added with an extra bit of ginger, lemon and honey! 


We have received a lot of questions lately, asking us which tea is the best to beat a cold? 

Now, our teas are not magical (even if we sometimes believe so!). They will not magic away your cold, but, they will make you feel better at least!



Why Monday tea? 

Our Monday tea is filled with naturally boosting ingredients like ginger, lemongrass and nettle. 

Nettle is such a beautiful ingredient filled with heaps of vitamins and minerals boosting your immune system and improves kidney function.

 Lemongrass is a natural stimulant for your body and ginger filled with the anti-inflammatory benefits, and, Let's not forget the amazing benefits of tea. 

Our Monday tea is filled with three types of green tea and one white tea making sure to give you those antioxidants your body is craving.  

So do we prepare our tea differently when we are sick? 

Well, yes in fact we do! We want to boost our sick body a little bit extra, so we add fresh ingredients! 

As you know, when we are having a cold it is super important to keep hydrated. Water can sometimes become a bit boring to drink specially when having a cold. So our solution is to have a big jar cold brewed Monday tea in the fridge.

When we brew our flu treatment Monday tea we add in fresh ginger and lemon together with the tea leaves and let it do its thing together, it brings out more flavour and more goodness. 


We do also drink it warm as much as we can! It's the same thing here, add fresh ginger and lemon to your cup of warm tea. We also add a spoon full of honey, it's very important to not have too hot water tho, because of the benefits of honey can actually be eliminated in hot water. So take your brewing water up tp maximum of 75 degrees, and you will be sure to keep the goodness!



Hope this serves you well and remember, this is not only for when you are sick, I drink it all the time to provent the flu entering my body! 


Take care, 



Flu treatment

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