Thursday tea + Pizza

This is possibly the easiest and yummiest pizza inspired by the season, and really it's only your creativity that can stop you!

We have made 3 types of pizzas: Kale and walnut pizza, Jerusalem artichokes and red onion pizza, and beetroot and feta pizza. 

These yummies will make frequent appearances on your advent's get together table. Matched with your Thursday cold brew tea, they will be an absolute hit!


The base of these pizzas is Lebanese bread. If you struggle to find it, normal tortilla bread will also work will. 

Lebanese Bread
Cream fresh 
Herb salt 
super thinly sliced of your chose of topping,
or pull the kale gently apart and massage it with a small amount of oil. 
Cover the base with cream fresh and add a bit of herb salt before you start adding the topping of your choice.
Kale, walnuts, and blue cheese (or normal cheddar). Don't sprinkle too much cheese, just as it would be a seasoning. 
Use a mandolin slicer to slice very thin pieces of Jerusalem artichokes and red onion. Sprinkle some cheddar cheese on top and add some dried rosemary.
Thinly sliced beetroot feta cheese and sprinkled pumpkin seeds.
I hope you try these three pizzas. If one of the ingredients is not to your liking, switch it out with something else! Only your imagination can stop you.

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