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Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

Black tea is the type of tea that undergone the longest process when compared with green & white tea. Black tea is allowed to fully oxidase and therefore the dark colour. Soon after harvest, the tea leaves air dry indoors, also known as 'withering'. After the withering, the leaves get rolled, which basically bruises the leaves to allow the oxidation process to start. To stop the oxidation process the tea leaves need to fully dry, nowadays this is done in a big drum.  

 Black tea leaves

Top 5 Benefits of Black Tea

1. Black tea increase your energy level

Black tea is the tea that contains the largest amount of caffeine compared with other teas (except Matcha), this can give you a nice little pick-me-up if you feel your energy levels going down.

About caffeine and tea

2. Black tea contains a large amount of tannin

Black tea contains the largest amount of tannin. Due to the long-brewing time, we allow a larger amount of tannin into our brewed tea. Tannin also is known as the substance polyphenols which is one of the antioxidants that make for the important player in the health benefits of tea. 

3. A comforting cup of black tea

With its full body and robust flavours, black tea can be suitable to enjoy with a bit of milk and honey that transfers into a creamy and sweet taste. This can be seen as a pure pleasure or just comforting drink when needed. 

4. Black tea promotes metabolism function

It is proven that tannins in tea also do promote metabolism function.

5. Black tea - Happiness and proven brain function 

Black tea can be seen as a cup of happiness. The caffeine in black tea improves the blood flow in the brain which improves our brain function but it also gives us an upswing in our mood. 

 Black tea in a cup

    How To Brew Black Tea

    Black tea is the most common tea to brew correctly and is often enjoyed by non-tea drinkers.

    Due to its heavy oxidation, it can handle a higher water temperature and with its big flavours, it can easily be enjoyed with a dash of milk and honey.  
    Read more about how to brew your black tea.

    We B Black Tea

    Do you want all of those great benefits of black tea? As with everything, high quality tea contains much more of those healthy nutrients discussed above. 

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