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Monday motivation

by Beatrice Garvey |


The Monday blues are a known fact I think everyone has experienced and suffered from. The motivation is far from being on top and procrastination magically appears on your to-do list. 


Who would be the person you want to talk to a Monday morning when all your motivation is far away from where you would have hoped it to be? 


 My pick, Catrin from Upotential. Catrin is one of the founders and CEO of the company Upotential which is the gym for mental fitness. She knows the potential of our brain and the importance of keeping it healthy and how to do so.


I got curious and asked Catrin what she does to keep her motivation and focus on top. See below her answers.



What time of the day can you feel your motivation being on top?

My motivation is always on top in the mornings when I do my daily reflections. I try to take as much action as possible during my working hours and have realised that my learnings are formed when I take time to reflect upon my new experiences. Based on my learnings I create new plans on how to push myself and our business forward to the next level. Anything is possible! 


How do you keep a stable and determined mindset?

To me, daily exercise is the most important way to keep my mindset stable and determined. When exercising hard my thoughts become crystal clear and I use the power from within to identify new goals. Furthermore, as I am completely focused during hard exercise, any thoughts slipping through I know are extra valuable.


You are feeling zero motivation for the things on your to-do list- what do you do?

When I’m not motivated, I create a plan including clear goals and time limits for each task. I’m a competitive person and get triggered by the challenge to stick to my defined plan.


Motivation podcast

Framgångspodden - Sessions 54: Annelie Pompe 

Motivation music

Something New - Axwell Ingrosso 

This is my fight song - Reema Roy 

Is there a common misunderstanding when it comes to mental training? 

People haven’t yet understood the power of personal investment in mental training. In the future, I’m sure mental training will be your first investmentment when you want to reach the next level in your life. 




Thank you lovely Catrin for your very motivational answers!

If you would like to get in contact with Catrin


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