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Thursday Ambition

by Beatrice Garvey |

Thursday Ambition is here, and therefore I contacted the queens of this topping. The drive and ambition of these two women is something special, and I get so inspired and motivated following their channel Business & Dreams which they keep up and going on the side of their investment company Qalora Capital.

Vendela and Camilla are two wise souls and I'm so happy to be able to share some of their wisdom behind the drive and ambition they hold. See the answers down below. 

Photographer: Marilia Bognandi (

Morning or evening person?

We would say both of us are morning people. We love to start the day early and enjoy the calm hours in the morning. Often, this part of the day is our most productive part, and we also have time for our morning routines, which set the tone for the day.

How do you keep your ambition and thrive growing?

We continuously focus on our long term goals and only do things we think are fun and meaningful. Our passion is to fulfil our goals, to connect people, and we love to see ideas turn into reality.

You talk a lot about work life balance in your podcast and social media, what's your three key elements to keep your balance in life?

Workout: It is important to make time for some exercise, even if it is just a walk during lunch or the evening. The feeling you get afterwards will make your problems look much smaller.
Meditation: When you have the most to do at work, meditation is the most needed. It is important to always be connected to your feelings and listen to your bodies' signals.
Family & Friends: Close relationships is according to so many studies what makes people happy long term.

You meet a lot of ambitious people during your days, can you see something you all have in a common?

One trait we have discovered is important in entrepreneurship is optimism. The word optimist need a renaissance; it is not being blind to reality but rather being able to constantly see new solutions and possibilities to situations. We also believe in the importance of having a growth mindset instead of a static mindset.

If you wake up with absolutely zero ambition, how would you turn it around?

Everyone has days like that and first of all, we believe that it is important to let yourself feel that way. Your body is perhaps looking for some rest and then you should rest and let yourself lie in bed all day and watch Netflix without guilt. However, if you are just feeling unproductive our advice is to set very small goals for yourself. If you would like to clear your mail inbox, have it as your goal to reply to only three emails and then you are done. There is a famous saying that "If you want to change the world, start by making your bed". The feeling of accomplishment will make you feel productive and you will, therefore, continue to do choices in that direction.
Lastly, if you feel that you lack inspiration we would advise you to go to the library and find an autobiography of someone you admire. The break of going into someone else's mind for a while as well as getting to see the world from their perspective is very refreshing.

Top 3 podcasts that feed your ambition? 
Outsiders av Anna Svahn och Karl-Mikael Syding
The Life Coach av Jacob Hellberg 
The Tim Ferriss Show av Tim Ferriss


Kindest thank you to Vendela & Camilla!

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