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Tuesday Inspiration

by Beatrice Garvey |

Jenny Martinsson is a Swedish interior stylist & blogger with a fantastic talent for photography. Jenny is the person behind the site Hemtrender, where she shares beautiful interiors, behind the scene and small snippets of her inspiring life. Her writing is as beautiful as her photos, and I find my self visiting her blog when I need to boost my inspiration bank. 

I decided to ask her about inspiration and her thoughts around it. You will find the short interview down below.

Photo of Jenny by Emma at Lovely life


What 3 things should a day include to keep it inspirational?

1) 10-minute meditation with the app Headspace (I do recommend it). 

2) A meeting with an inspiring person, could be a lunch date, an event, seminar, or even just a podcast. I love listening to driven people, it gives me so much inspiration and energy. 

3) Exercise in the morning or a walk at lunch. 

If I tick these three things = A good day in my life! 

You work with a lot of inspiring females, have you noticed a source to the inspiration that you all have in common?  

Each other! I think the interior design industry is very kind, we have fun together and we are lovely to one and other.

As I mentioned above I get a lot of inspiration from meeting people. I also find inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. However, don't let the screen take over your time, Instagram and Pinterest in moderation! ;)

An inspirational killer (something that brings your inspirational levels down straight away)?
Stress, stress and stress.

Go to place to feel inspired?
The ocean. When I travel I always seek the sea. I live in Stockholm Archipelago so am grateful to have the water around me.

Podcasts you listen to when craving inspiration?

Framgångspodden (Swedish) To listen to driven entrepreneurs.

Billgren&Wood (Swedish)- To keep myself up to date.

Säkerstil (swedish)- For a nice hangout feels with friends.

(Swedish interior podcasts)

Inredningspodden hemma-hos

Inredningspodden med Johanna Hulander 

Photo by Jenny Martinsson

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