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Wednesday spicy tea beverage

by Beatrice Garvey |

Up with a hand if you love your glögg (mulled wine in Swedish)!! 

Well, this Rooibos tea glögg is a healthy, sugar-free beverage filled with well-needed antioxidants for this time of the year AND it´s an instant Christmas mood starter, the perfect option for a healthy beverage that both grownups and kids love!!


For this you need our Wednesday tea, this tea is already blended with ginger, orange peel and cranberries so what we will do is to enhance these flavours into our Wednesday Glögg.  

1-2 tbsp Wednesday tea
Fresh ginger approx 4 cm into 1 cm pieces
2 cinnamon sticks
5 star anise 
Chilli flakes
 fillable teabags 
1 Orange
1 L boiling water


Firstly, peel and chop ginger approx 4 cm into 1 cm pieces, take cinnamon sticks, star anise and a few chilli flakes (its up to you how hot you want it) and make a strong blend of the rooibos tea, here you can choose if you would like to put the tea in fillable teabags so it's easy to remove but still leave the other spices in the pot, otherwise, put it loosely in the pot with everything else and use a strainer to remove all of it when finished brewing. 

When all the ingredients (except orange) are added into the teapot pour your boiling water over it and let brew for approx. 7 min or longer.

While you wait, slice half the orange into thin pieces, the other half you will squeeze all the orange juice into the tea mixture.

You can either serve it warm or let it cool down and serve it in a wine or champagne glass. Also very lovely to slice a very thin slice of apple and add a cinnamon stick as decoration.


 Hope you enjoy your Wednesday spicy tea blend!

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