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Wednesday Relaxation

by Beatrice Garvey |

I figured if there is someone to ask about relaxation, it would be this inspiring and driven woman dedicating her life to getting people to relax and feel the best in their bed. 

Mathilda Wibom Westerberg is the CEO and founder of the new yet very popular bedsheet company JUNIPER of Sweden, selling luxury bedsheets for an affordable price yet keeping the whole process transparent for the customer.


Down below you will be able to read the short interview I asked Mathilda about relaxation. 


What time of the day is your prime relaxation time? 

Saturday mornings! I love making a breakfast buffet and not even think about what will happen later in the day.


3 key elements to be combined for the best relaxation?

1. Not using the mobile phone at all, I strive to do this every Saturday but I am definitely not perfect.

2. Comfortable clothes, relaxing music and a cup of tea

3. To actually do nothing, to just sit and look out preferably over the sea.


You work around a lot of driven people, can you see a common "relaxation mistake" being done?  

Haha, well, I have my office at SUP46, which is a very tech focused community. So I would say maybe spend some time away from the computer.


When the wave of stress comes, do you have a method to bring your self down to a calmer headspace?

I love to go out for a run, no pressure on time or distance, just go out and run and put on some calming music.
Super important to make the run at a speed where I am completely comfortable. I think this really takes a lot of stress away.


Your secret go to place for relaxation?

Going to the country side, or more specifically the archipelago outside of Stockholm and just sit with a big cup of tea look out over the sea and take slow breaths.


Does music or podcasts help you relax? If yes, which songs/podcasts are we talking about?

I really enjoy listening to podcasts on my way to work, for example, “How I built this with Guy Raz”, who is interviewing founders of companies that have inspiring stories. I find this really interesting but I wouldn’t necessarily say it is relaxing… that’s also why I listen to music when I run, it helps me relax in a much better way because the brain actually gets a break from thinking.


Thank you for your answers dear Mathilda and I wish you the most relaxed summer holiday!

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