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Brewing techniques

by Beatrice Garvey |

Isn't it interesting how many ways there are of brewing your tea? I mean it's such a simple thing tea leaves in water, let sit for a while tea leaves out of the water... Yet, endless of different techniques, and no wrong ways of doing it in my mind. 

The Teabag

We all have drunk teabag tea and as handy it might be it doesn't taste the best, the tea quality is the leftover dust from tea production called fannings. So the great invention of the fillable teabags has become very popular, especially if you only want to brew a small amount of tea but still quality tea. 

We have these fillable tea bags in our shop, and they are made from vegetable starch, which means you can throw the whole thing into the compost, which makes it so much easier.  

Also, a good tip is to take a moment and fill up a week worth of tea bags at ones so you don't have to waste your time with filling the teabag up in the morning when you are in a hurry. 


The Teaboll

This must be one of the most popular ways of brewing your tea, they come in different designs, they are rather easy to handle and they are sustainable!!

The only thing is the small amounts of tea leaves seeping through the middle and often you end up with a cup of tea with floating leaves in it. Also, the tea leaves don't get the space they need to unfold in the water and give away as much flavour, and more tea leaves are required to get the tea as it shoukd be.

However, I do understand why they are everywhere, it's a great way of brewing your tea in lack of other options.


The Tea strainer + teapot/teajar

If you follow @we.b.tea on social media, you would have noticed this is one of my favourite brewing methods for cold brewing tea. The tea leaves are allowed to float around freely in water, which makes them give away most flavour as possible and strain the tea leaves off in the end with your tea strainer.

However, this requires two brewing bottles that can accommodate the same amount of liquid if you don't drink the tea all in one sitting. If you leave the tea leaves in the water too long, it could lead to bitter tea. 

This method is great if you want to brew a larger amount of tea.


The Plunger 

Most of you recognise this as the coffee plunger, and you know what?! it is perfect for tea as well, we would, however, recommend you to have one for coffee and one for tea. Coffee has a tendency to leave its flavour behind, and we do not want coffee tasting tea. 

We prefer using this method when we warm brew our tea.





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