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Why brew tea differently?

It can be confusing that different teas should be brewed in different ways, but if we don't take in consideration how we brew our tea correctly we will end up with a tea that doesn't give us the full potential in flavour or it can even taste quite bad. 

We find that a lesser quality tea that is brewed correctly can taste much better than a high-quality tea that is brewed incorrectly. That can give you an understanding of how important the right type of care for your tea have. 

We have created separate brewing guides for each type of tea where you can learn more about how to brew the specific teas. 

Green Tea

Black Tea


3 important things every brewing process have in common

Water temperature 

This is an essential part when brewing tea. Different teas require different water temperature. We recommend to have a thermometer at home, it might seem a bit over the top to begin with, but when you get used to drinking your tea to perfection you will understand.

Amount of tea leaves to water

The amount of tea leaves play a big part if your tea turns out just perfect, weak or too strong. There are always recommendations on our packages how much tea leaves to water you shall brew. Start with the recommendations and you can always make a stronger och weaker cup of tea to your liking. 

Brewing time

Essential part - Different teas require different brewing time and make sure to follow the recommendations for the tea you brew. For example, black tea needs to brew longer than green tea does and if you don't follow this your cup of tea will most likely taste bitter and estranging. 

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