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Breakfast wrap | Breakfast Recipe

Looking for a special breakfast to treat yourself or someone you love with? This breakfast wrap filled with egg, avocado, cheese, mushrooms and bbq sauce will soon be your weekend breakfast treat together with a perfectly brewed Earl Grey tea. 


1 Tortilla bread 
1 Egg
2 Mushrooms 
Grated cheese
1/2 Avocado
Red onion


Slice up the mushrooms and either fry them in a pan or put them in the oven, add a dash of oil and salt and cook them until ready.

Prepare all the filling into slices so you can add into your wrap when it's ready.

Heat up a pan. Scramble your egg. When the pan is hot add a dash of oil or butter and pour in the scrambled egg (try to get the egg to the same size as your tortilla bread). Let the egg harden a little bit. While the egg is still uncooked on the top place your tortilla bread over the egg, let cook for a little while. Flip the tortilla bread so the egg is now facing upwards (make sure to lower the heat on the stove so the tortilla bread doesn't burn). 

Add a dash of bbq sauce and spread it over the egg wrap. Add the cooked mushrooms and place the graded cheese on it and let it partly melt.

Take your wrap out of the pan and start adding the fresh filling.

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