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Caviar Croustades

Are you looking for the perfect appetizer to serve your guests, here comes a delicious caviar croustades recipe that tastes as good as they look. Make sure to pair these Croustades with a cold brewed Thursday tea

Croustades with caviar cream

Recipe of Caviar Croustades

4 servings

What you need 

Croustades 8 pcs
Cream Cheese 100g 
Crème fraîche 50g 
Red caviar 25g 
Black pepper 
Fresh dill 

    How to 

    If you want to, you can buy croustades in your local grocery store, otherwise you can make them yourself. 

    Start with mixing crème fraîche and cream cheese. Squeeze some lemon juice and add salt and pepper. Turn down the caviar carefully into the rest of the mixture. 

    Fill the croustades with the caviar cream and top it off with some cress and fresh dill. 

    Cold brewed tea and croustades

    Recipe by: Emma Dehlryd Muniz & Johan Vestlund

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