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Sushi and Tea

You know those days when there is no energy or inspiration left to cook dinner. When that happens, we usually order sushi. It is definitely a favourite, but from a normal take away we make it a bit more special and pair it with a cold brew tea. It can make any day feel a little bit more special. 

Sushi with Houjicha tea
When we order sushi we make sure to have some cold brewed Houjicha ready in the fridge. It is the perfect match. The toasty and nutty, seaweed flavours in the tea really complements the flavours sushi have. Learn how to cold brew here

Next time you order sushi, spice it up with some seaweed salad and edamame beans. It's really easy to cook the beans and it's a delicious snack to your sushi. Put them in a pot of salted water and boil them a few minutes. Rinse the beans in cold water and pour some sesame oil and sea salt on top and voilà! you got your perfect snack.

Don't forget to try cold brewed Houjicha the next time you order sushi!

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