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Mango Mojito | Non-alcoholic Teadrink

Sometimes we can be craving just that something extra than what tea can offer us. Our non-alcoholic Mango Mojito is the answer. It is based on our Friday tea but we have spiced it up with mango and mint to become the perfect non-alcoholic drink for any occasion.  

Non-Alcoholic Mango Mojito Tea drink

4 servings

What you need

400ml freshly warm brewed Friday Tea (a stronger kind of brew)
50-100g of frozen mango
1/2 lemon
2tbs of sugar (give and take to your liking)
Fresh mint
Fresh mango
Ice cubes

How to

Start with brewing your Friday tea - add a little bit more tea leaves than you normally do and brew it in 90c° for 3 minutes. We want to bring out a lot of flavours and also so it's tipping towards bitterness. 
When your tea is ready and you have separated tea leaves from liquid (make cold brew tea on the same tea leaves) make sure to have a mixer of some sort, add the tea, sugar, lemon juice and the frozen mangos and blend it up to a smooth texture.   
Make sure to taste and find a balance between sour and sweet, add more lemon or sugar if need to. 
Pour up your drink over ice cubes and decorate with fresh mint and fresh mango!

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