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Salmon with miso broth and broccoli salad

Are you looking for a dinner to impress? This well balanced delicately cooked meal with a salmon that melts in your mouth is a true luxuries dish that shows great respect to all the ingredients used.

Pair this meal with cold brewed Darjeeling tea, and with its
floral, crispy notes it will make it all sing together.

Salmon with cold brewed tea

Recipe on salmon with miso broth and broccoli salad

4 servings

What you need: 

Salmon 600 g
Broccoli 200 g
Cauliflower 200 g
Peas 150g
1 rhubarb
Fresh coriander 
1 box of cress 
Water 300ml
2 tbsp white miso paste 
1 tbsp vegetable broth
1-2 tbsp Japanese soy 
1-2 cm fresh ginger 
½ - 1 chili 

Herb oil 

Fresh parsley
Fresh chives
Fresh coriander
Neutral oil 500ml

How to: 

Remove the skin from the salmon and soak in 10% brine for 20 minutes. Let it dry. Wrap the salmon tight in plastic foil and make it into a cylindrical shape. 

Cook the salmon in the oven at 50°C until the salmon gets to 38°C. If you don't want to wrap the salmon, it works perfectly fine to lay the salmon on an oven plate and cook the same way.

Chop the chives, parsley and coriander. Put it in a mixer and add the oil. Let the mixer run warm until the oil turns green. Strain the herbs. The herb oil is done! 

 Blanch the broccoli, cauliflower and peas in salted water, one vegetable at a time. Let them cool immediately as soon as they’re done. 

Cut the rhubarb along its length with a mandoline and put in ice water. 

Heat the white miso paste in water and add the vegetable broth. Add chopped ginger and chili while it’s heating up. When the broth has taken on taste and been reduced to your liking, you can strain it and add some soy. 

Put the vegetables on a plate and top it off with the rhubarb and herbs. Add the baked salmon. Pour the herb oil into the warm miso broth and stir carefully before you pour it over the salmon.  

Salmon with miso broth

Recipe creators - Johan Vestlund och Emma Dehlryd Muniz 

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