Premium Matcha - We B Tea
Premium Matcha - We B Tea
Premium Matcha - We B Tea
Premium Matcha - We B Tea

Premium Matcha

Umami, Creamy, Sweet notes of lava and kombu 

Premium Organic Matcha Ceremonial grade

This is a limited edition premium organic Matcha in collaboration with TENCHA CHAMAN. Fertilised in volcanic ash grown in Kagoshima, Japan.

Freshly granite-grounded in Germany followed with nitrogen sealed straight after the grounding process

Kagoshima in the far south of Japan is a hidden gem, home to some of the finest Japanese teas. The merits of Kagoshima as a region producing top quality organic teas still remain somewhat of a well-kept secret. Blessed with highly nutritious soil, large temperature variances between night and day and low chance of frost, its climate is well-suited to yielding beautifully sweet and fragrant teas. Despite the potential of Kagoshima as a region serving the luxury tea market, only a very small fraction of top grades are produced and sell out rapidly each year. This means that the best of Kagoshima tea is as elusive as it is exclusive. Tasting the terroir of this region of majestic mountainous terrains and misty mornings will transform your experience of Japanese tea forever.​

About Matcha

100% Organic Matcha*


    Dependent on your preferred intensity, we recommend serving 1 to 3g of Matcha in a bowl, whisked in 40ml of water between 60 to 80 degrees Celsius. Delight. 

    It is also delicious to drink cold paired with food or by its self. 

    How to cold-brew your matcha

    To maintain maximum flavour and potency, seal and refrigerate after opening. Store in cool, dry spaces, away from moisture, direct sunlight, and odours. ​