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Tea drinking to a new level 

The longing to take tea drinking to a new level and shake it up a bit was the intention of Beatrice Garvey, founder of We B Tea. 

As a dedicated yet far from knowledgable tea drinker, Beatrice noticed there was nothing new and exciting about tea in Sweden, when she came back after several years living abroad. It was time to bring a unique tea concept to the market! "I want to reintroduce tea drinking to people, getting them into trying new teas, change the way of drinking and seeing it." 

During my pregnancy, I got so tired of either drinking all the sugary drinks I got offered as an alcohol-free option or the good old bubble water. Why can't we step up the game and make it more exciting and sophisticated to choose away the alcoholic options from the dinner table or parties?! Tea is such a fun and interesting drink to pair with different foods when cold brewed.

We B Tea focus on high-quality tea blended with healthy ingredients boosting your body with natural goodness while having a delicate yet complex flavour. All our tea blends work perfectly to cold brew as well as warm brew, and will bring positive health benefits to your body! 

We provide 100% organic and natural tea blends in high quality. Our mission is to bring the excitement of tea back!

As a new and modern company, it should be obvious to think and be sustainable. All our decisions go through an evaluation of sustainability, and the questions get asked: "can we do it better?" There are always things we can do better but yet not possible to, so, therefore, we have decided to compensate these downfalls with planting trees. For each 450sek we get in we plant a tree somewhere in the world. 


Let's make a tea revolution and together we will find out that tea is not only tea!