About We B Tea (old)

Swedish tea brand focusing on taking tea to a new level

We B Tea was founded in 2019 by Beatrice Garvey who wanted to make tea acceptable in every moment, whatever day it would be and whichever season we have. Tea should bring us joy at the dinging table paired with a beautiful meal as well as snuggled up on the couch or why not at parties? When you change the way you brew your tea, you change the way you see it.  

It all began during my pregnancy when I was missing the option of a sophisticated drink to enjoy when everyone else was drinking alcohol. I was tired of the sugary drinks and wanted to drink something healthy and fresh. I started to research and found out about cold brew tea, which is a very popular way of brewing in Asia and have a long tradition to it. I started to cold brew my teas and I quickly found a beautiful drink which I could pair with the food I ate and enjoy by it self.

I want to change we see tea in the nordic countries and create a tea tradition that suits our everyday lifestyle in the modern world.

Together we can make healthy options for our bodies, minds and planet if we give ourself more We B Tea moments.

We B Tea´s mission is to bring the way we see tea into a new level.
Tea can be a part of our everyday ritual and open the opportunity of moments.

For us, there is nothing more important than being true to nature. We are therefore working hard on only packaging our teas in sustainable packaging. We do also plant one tree for every 550sek we receive in sales.

All our teas are certified organic, blended in Germany or Sweden and then packed in Stockholm, Sweden.

I hope you will enjoy your tea!