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Monday Ingredients

  • China Sencha green tea
    Known effects of lowering bad cholesterol and decreasing the risk of stroke and coronary diseases.
  • Yerba Mate green tea 
    An energizing stimulate, thought to boost metabolism 
  • White tea Pai Mu Tan 
    Due to the minimally processed tea leaves, it retains a higher amount and greater quantity of antioxidants.
  • Green tea Matcha 
    Contains three times the amount of the antioxidant than normal green tea. 
  • Lemongrass
    Traditionally used to reduce anxiety and is a natural stimulant for your body. 
  • Nettle
    Full of well-needed vitamines and minerals, a high source of iron. Improves kidney function and digestion disorder, boosts immune system. 
  • Lemon peel High source of vitamin C (almost 3 times more than lemon juice), do also contain vitamin B6 and calcium. 
  • Ginger
    Known to reduce nausea and upset stomachs also shown anti-inflammatory effects.