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Thursday Tea - refill

Hibiscus, Lemon & Pink pepper

A green tea blend with lovely hints of hibiscus, lemon, red currant and pink pepper. It is a sophisticated tea blend with a mixture of sweet, sour and slightly bitter notes.

  • Organic
  • High quality loose leaf tea
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Healthy

If you haven't bought your Thursday Tea jar yet, we recommend that you do. The jar keeps the tea fresh for longer. And it looks so pretty on your tea shelf.

With our high quality teas you can brew the same tea leaves several times. Good for you, for our nature and for your wallet. Remember to follow the brewing instructions on the back of your tea jar. 

china sencha*, hibiscus*, natural flavouring, China White Monkey*, apple*, lemon peels*, pink pepper*, redcurrant*, * Certified Organic

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