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Oolong - We B Tea
Oolong tea leaves
Oolong tea jar and a cup of tea
Oolong tea jar We B Tea



Chinese fine oolong lightly oxidised with beautifully rolled leaves. This tea gives you a light yellow cup with a slight sweetness and mild flowery taste. 

This tea shall be brewed multiple times and can be enjoyed both warm and cold brewed.

Chinese Fine Oolong*, *Certified Organic

This tea shall be brewed at least 3 times on the same leaves and up to 5 times. 

Water temperature 80-83c°
1-2 teaspoons of tea to 250 ml water
2 minutes 

Enjoy a cup or three cups of warm brewed Oolong and then ad cold water to the already brewed tea leaves. Put into the fridge and let sit overnight. You can keep filling your cold brew tea with water up to 3 times.