Refill Monthly Weekday Box - We B Tea
Refill Monthly Weekday Box - We B Tea
Refill Monthly Weekday Box - We B Tea

Refill Monthly Weekday Box

To be able to refill your Monthly Weekday Box we have created a collection of 8 small 20g refill bags. Each little refill bag is filled with one of our weekday teas Monday to Sunday + an extra 20g bag of our Everyday tea. 

This is a perfect way to keep your beautiful glass jars from your Monthly Weekday Box always filled with your favourite teas.

Monday 20g
china sencha, lemongrass, mate green, nettle, white tea Pai Mu Tan, lemon peel, ginger, natural flavouring, green tea matcha

Tuesday 20g
China sencha, apple, hibiscus, green tea China Jasmine, coconut, basil, coriander seeds, marigold, redcurrant

Wednesday 20g
Rooibos natural, ginger, orange peel, natural flavouring marigold, cranberry

Thursday 20g
China sencha, hibiscus, natural flavouring, China White Monkey, apple, lemon peels, pink pepper, redcurrant

Friday 20g
China sencha, lemon peels, lemongrass, natural flavouring, marigold, spearmint

Saturday 20g
China sencha, spearmint, ginger, goji berry, natural flavouring, Curcuma, apple quarter, elderflowers, peppermint whole, pomegranate, rose petals

Sunday 20g
China sencha, lemongrass, green tea China Gunpowder, Green Putharjhora, amaranth, elderflowers, white tea Moo Feng, barberry root, chokeberries, cranberry, goji berry, marigold, chia seeds, raspberry, meadowsweet, galangal, acerola, acai, wheatgrass, guarana

Everyday 20g
Indian Assam black tea, Lemon peel, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Black pepper, Bergamont.

*Certified Organic

Total 160g of tea